From first seeing your images to holding the finished album in your hands usually takes around 3 months. This process has three main stages, detailed below. I don’t recommend rushing this process because it takes some time for you to get to know the images and for me to find the best sequence and flow to bring the story to life. Bearing in mind that your wedding album will become a family heirloom it is important to spend that bit of extra time now to get it just right before committing your images to immortality.

Stage 1. Selecting images for your album (4 weeks):

The first part of the album process is for couples to choose the images for their album. The time it takes to do this has ranged from 1 week to 6 months but is usually completed in around a month. An Image Selection gallery is created for every couple to enable them to choose their favourite images for their album. The Image Selection gallery has many features the most useful of which is ‘Save Selection’. This means that you won’t have to make your final choices in one sitting and you won’t even have to sit down together for you both to choose your favourites, although you may well want to sit down together for the final decisions. You also don’t have to worry too much about getting your selection entirely right because you will be able to make changes after the initial design if required, see next stage.

Stage 2. Design and Approval (4 weeks):

The second part of album creation is for design, amendments and approval. Every album is individually designed around the images selected and the general requirements of the couple. Design and client approval can be broken down in to the follow stages:

2.1. One to two week lead time for work to begin

2.2. One week for design time and proof to be uploaded for couple to view

2.3. One week for couple to approve proof or request small changes

2.4. Sometimes a further week is required to make changes and provide new proofs

[Notes on number of changes permitted – For albums under 50 images up to two rounds of 5 changes can be made free of charge, i.e. providing up to 10 changes over three proofs. For albums over 50 images up to two rounds of up to 10 changes can be made free of charge, i.e. providing up to 20 changes over three proofs. In practice these allowances have never been exceeded so they are meant to encompass creating an album that you will be thrilled with. If however further changes or digital work is required it will be charged at the standard Design Rate which is currently £40 per hour]

Stage 3. Album Construction and Transit (5 weeks):

Once approval has been given by the couple the final files are generated and uploaded to the album supplier. The album usually takes 4 weeks for construction which itself has around 50 stages from initial printing and binding through to finishing touches such as name embossment on the cover.

Once received back from my supplier, your album will be forwarded to you on a tracked postal service.