Digital images are kept on file for as long as possible so it is likely that you can obtain the original high or medium-resolution digital images from your wedding or family photo-shoot, no mater how long ago it was*.

PRICES: (all prices include Royal Mail recorded and tracked Special Delivery):

The full set of wedding or family photographs in the first year after photography is £495. Thereafter the price decreases at a rate of £100 per year until the fifth year after which the price is £125.

Subsequent copies of the full set of digital images are £70 each, supplied on a personalised presentation USB drive or £50 on a standard USB drive.

All images come with unlimited reproduction rights for personal use. Copyright remains with the photographer Tom Millington, as set out in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998, unless agreed otherwise in writing. The photographer reserves the right to use the images in the ongoing promotion of his business.

* Although I endeavor to keep all images on file, there is no contractural agreement for me to do so. Once an initial contract has been met, however unlikely, the images may no longer be available.